Important Info for Picking up Trees

If you reserved a tree/trees for Plant a Tree for Tennessee. Here's some important information for the event:

Click here to find the exact pickup location address and info. Pickup is Saturday 4/23 from 9am-1pm except Chattanooga2 Miller Park.

Cover your roots - bring your own bag! Pickup sites will NOT have bags for your trees. Bring one plastic bag to cover the roots for each different species you ordered. The plastic bags used at a grocery store checkout or in the produce section are the perfect size (see photo above). You can fit roots for up to 10 trees in one plastic bag. If you do not go straight home after pickup - bring some paper towels or newspaper, moisten with water, and cover the roots before putting in the bag. What if I can't pickup on Saturday? Please ask someone to pick up your trees on your behalf if you can't make it. This is a one-day event run by volunteers. We do not have a physical location or another way to get trees to you. If you don't pick them up on April 23, you may not get your trees. What if my trees aren't at the site? Make sure you went to the right pickup location. If you have any trouble picking up your trees - please email us at Again, pickup sites are run by volunteers so please contact us if there are any issues. What if the weather is bad? This event will happen rain or shine. Only if there is extreme weather such as torrential rain, severe lightening/thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc, will we consider rescheduling. If this happens we'll post an update here on our website around 8am on April 23. If there is no email or no website update by 8-8:30am, it means everything is still scheduled. How do I plant my tree? Here is information about the trees and how to plant them. If you did not call 811 to avoid underground utilities, you may want to plant your tree in a container until you are ready to plant.

What if my trees have mold?

Some of the trees we recieved had some mold on them. Please plant them and get them in the sun as soon as possible and they should be OK. If you have any concerns, please email us at How can I spread the word about planting trees? Please plant your tree this weekend and post pictures on social media with #plantatreefortn and please tag Green Interchange.

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