• Green Interchange

From Highways to Waterways

With our mission of planting trees in highway interchange and other public spaces, this March Green Interchange launched our “waterways” work by planting 250 large trees (6-8 feet each) along creeks, streams and/or rivers in Middle Tennessee.

We planted trees along creeks, streams and/or rivers in Lebanon at the Park Trail near the intersection of S. Hartman Drive and Hickory Ridge Road, near Turkey Creek at Thurgood Marshall Middle School in Antioch, and near the Duck River at Henry Horton State Park.

Planting trees along waterways (riparian areas) helps filter pollutants before they reach the water, stabilizes stream banks and helps reduce erosion and sediment pollution, and provides countless benefits for aquatic ecosystems. Community benefits include improved drinking water, reduced flooding, and improved economic and recreational opportunities.

Project partners include the TN Division of Forestry, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, City of Lebanon, TN Environmental Council’s Duck River Opportunities Project, Cumberland River Compact, and Sierra Club.

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