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We are offering Plant a Tree for TN events in November 2021 and April 16, 2022. 

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On April 24, 2021 nearly 1,750 Tennesseans from Memphis to Gatlinburg planted 7,750 trees in their yard and in their community. These trees are already working to improve our air, water, and land, and they are making Tennessee more beautiful.


The trees offered at the event were bare-root seedlings, like the photo below. We offered a variety of native trees with a donation of $1.99 for most species (some were $2.99.) Participants picked up their trees from one of 14 distribution sites, each run by a team of volunteers who committed their time, talent, and passion to help our participants. See some of their amazing stories below. 

In conjunction with Plant a Tree for Tennessee, Green Interchange planted 250 larger trees along waterways throughout Middle Tennessee. Find more details here


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Highlights from our Spring 2021 event

GI Scout Troop 63.png

Girl Scout Troop 63

Troop 63 volunteered to run our tree pickup site in LaVergne TN this April. These amazing young women used their hearts, minds, hands, and exemplified Girl Scout Law to ensure that every one of the participants left happy.  

“Goodness knows we’ve had several obstacles placed in their path but these girls persevered and rose above!" Troop Co-Leader, Bridgitte Seiber, said, "Counting, dividing, identifying, labeling and individually wrapping every single sapling!! Plan, execute and conquer! Our girls handed our over 400 [trees]. We figured in the past five years we have handled out and helped plant over 715 trees locally!!!”

Smoky Mountain Roots_VolunteerRenee.jpg

Smoky Mountain Roots

Volunteers with Smoky Mountain Roots ran our tree pickup site in Gatlinburg, TN. Their mission is to preserve native plants in the Great Smoky Mountains through growth, disbursement, education and community service for generations to come. One of their key projects is planting trees to restore the forests that were devastated by the wildfires of 2016.    


If you picked up your trees in Gatlinburg at ERA in the Smokies, you probably met Cherise Guesford, their Executive Director. In addition distributing 272 trees locally in April 2021, Cherise and Smoky Mountain Roots volunteers planted 1,000 trees in the Smoky Mountains in areas impacted by the wildfires. 

Algood Middle School

Students planted 15 saplings at the Algood Middle School Arboretum in Cookeville as part of Plant a Tree for Tennessee in April 2021.  


Under the guidance of STEM teacher Wren Goedken, the school is working to achieve Level 2 Arboretum status. The campus currently has over 70 of the 100 different species required for Level 2 status, and the students have helped with planting, watering, and maintaining the trees.


We are looking forward to helping Algood Middle school bring in some unique native flowering trees, conifers and other species to round out their collection this fall. 

Tree at 18 Years.jpg

Participants brought their own bags to cover the roots. Used grocery bags are the perfect size, and helped us reduce waste!

When it was planted 18 years ago, this tree was the size of the seedlings planted in April 2021!

More Info About Plant a Tree for Tennessee

Here are instructions on how to plant trees and more information about the tree species. Planting trees offer​​​s tree-mendous benefits including increased property values, cleaning our air and water, providing shade and habitat for wildlife, and so much more. ​Your donations help Green Interchange offer this program and continue our work of planting trees in highway interchanges, waterways, and other public spaces.

This event presented in partnership with: 

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