Green Interchange:

We Plant Trees to Offset C02 and Beautify Tennessee


We’re using proven actions

to help protect our planet

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Providing a way for all Tennesseans to cover their emissions locally


No politics—just individual action to lower CO2

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If you planted a tree with us in April and want to learn more, or you want to find out about planting trees in your yard this fall, click the link below;

Our Approach

Planting trees is one of the single most effective ways to lower CO2 levels— they are our planet’s carbon dioxide vacuum cleaner! 

Green Interchange was the idea of Congressman Mark Green, whose love of the outdoors motivates him to protect and beautify our environment.  At Green Interchange, we plant trees to offset CO2 on highway interchanges and other public spaces here in Tennessee. 


How We Work


Simple and Effective. 

• We plant trees in highway interchanges and other public spaces

Trees naturally and effectively absorb CO2 from the atmosphere

• Each tree we plant will absorb up to 48 pounds of CO2 per year at maturity*

• By doing this we reduce the carbon footprint and make our state even more beautiful

News & Events

Join the Effort!

We are on our way to offsetting the CO2 emissions from 10,000 cars in Tennessee. Will you join us? Our initial goal is to plant 60,000 trees, but ultimately we plan to plant over 600,000 trees each year to offset all vehicles in Tennessee. It is through our determination and partners like you that we can achieve this goal.


Green Interchange is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation and education organization. Together Green Interchange works with members, donors, partners and volunteers that support our programs to offset CO2 emissions one Tennessean at a time.

* Visit our Donate Page to learn how we calculate the amount of C02 absorbed per tree planted.